The Wine Country…Where Wine Lovers & Foodies Come Together

Though there are only a few micro-climates in the world suitable to the nurturing of wine grapes, there seems to be one universal lifestyle throughout all of these regions…a relaxed lifestyle with an emphasis on the dinner table with family and friends and always, with a glass of wine. In the wine country, therefore, you are truly living the richness of life if your living space is defined by relaxed elegance and the dining table.

Because of this, our outdoor spaces and tables were made to a size suitable to the types of meal gatherings we like to have…tables for 10, where more chairs can be pulled up as needed.

Pictured below is the living space in our front yard with one of our recently built wine country, farm-yard tables.



In wine country the vintners are our “makers” and enjoying the entire experience involves only a few essential elements…both comfort and artisan foods paired with wonderful ¬†wines.

Regardless of where you live, the wine country lifestyle can be enjoyed anywhere because it is focused on those things that are most important to us all…the experience of living life richly while enjoying the company of the people we love.

These things contribute to the feeling of having a life well-lived, so come on, let’s pour a glass and laisse nous manger (let’s eat).