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#LaCremaWines Estate at Saralee’s Vineyard has a story worth hearing. Their historic barn was converted into a multi-level tasting room and is now a premier destination for wine education, culinary exploration and enjoying art in the wine country.


Pictured is the interior of the tasting room. The downstairs is open to the public and the upper floors are for members and groups. Its recent acquisition has made for a trendy place to go, the tastings are fun primarily because of the highly attentive staff. Go, have fun…join the club for exclusive member on-line events, slightly discounted pricing and, by all means, take the jeep tour. It’s a barrel of laughs…all of it.

Interested in the wine club? Read on…

Wine Club Benefits. All members receive quarterly club shipments in February, May, September and December. Shipments are customizable (a big plus) and you receive discounts on all wine purchases throughout the year. You also get invites to events.
Three levels:

Signature…4 bottles/shipment discounted at 20%($110-$160/shipment); flat rate shipping; 25%off add’l case orders; complimentary Signature bar flights for up to 4 ppl; select pricing on picnic experiences (that is, buying the food there…the picnic grounds are free for your use); Access to Member level at Russian River Estate

Collectors…6 bottles at 20% discount; all the above, plus…Vineyard Select flights; pre-release access for event tickets; enrollment in appreciation program

Diamond(limited to 250 members)…1 case at 25% off with shipping included (big deal); all the above, plus…Personal wine concierge; invite to annual Diamond club winemaker dinner (not free); 2 comp picnic experiences per year (what’s complimentary is the food); 4 comp 9 Barrel or North/South tastings per year; 6 complimentary vineyard tour experiences per year.

WHAT WE LIKE about #LaCremaWines is the amazing experience you have as a Diamond member. If you want to have the experience of being “the big man on campus”…they make sure that Diamond members feel uber special without making any other club members feel “less”. The views from the “clubhouse” are gorgeous and the staff, absolutely stellar.


BUT HERE WERE ARE, SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST…There are certain wine club memberships worth having. #LaCremaWines is hosting a Mediterranean Wine Cruise Sept 8-18 2017 from Barcelona to Barcelona on Oceania Cruises Riviera, including air. This once-in-a-lfetime experience pairs well with living life to the fullest and will be had with Steve Falk, CEO of Sonoma Magazine (one of our favorites) and with Hartford Family Winery. JOY. It’s pricey, but what else do we do with all that retirement wealth we saved, right? What’s not to love if you can comfortably afford $4300 per person, everything included.